Stop Inviting People To Church

Do you ever go on Facebook and see one of those "come to church with me" posts? You know, the one where the person is asking anyone on their friends list to come to church but not actually asking someone specifically to come? If you have christian friends on your Facebook than you've probably seen them. Let me go further and say you may have personally posted or shared someone else's post from your church. Guess what? Those check-ins at your church aren't working. It's time for a new strategy.

Creating Creativity

A few months ago I was stuck. I knew I needed a space where I could think creatively. A space where I wouldn't be bogged down by the normalness of life. So I set out on an adventure to accomplish this. My parents had an old piano in their house that was never used. My…Read more Creating Creativity

Don’t Be A Back Row Leader

When was the last time you attended a worship service where you didn't see the church leadership engaging? I bet it wasn't that long ago. Whether you were at your own church, or someone else's, you are bound to see this every once and a while. On the other hand, you may not have even…Read more Don’t Be A Back Row Leader

New Path | Ugly Past

Most of us have an ugly past. We either admit it or we don't. But we have one none the less. Some of our pasts are engulfed in relationships, ministry opportunities, or education misjudgments. When was the last time you just started over? The last time you said, I need to restart? For me it…Read more New Path | Ugly Past