A few months ago I was stuck. I knew I needed a space where I could think creatively. A space where I wouldn’t be bogged down by the normalness of life. So I set out on an adventure to accomplish this.

My parents had an old piano in their house that was never used. My dad asked me to work on getting rid of it for them via craigslist and other venues. Although I originally agreed, I quickly realized that this piano could be utilized for so much more than storage for unused ivory.

Thus came my new desk. Over the course of approximately 4 hours of work I was able to convert an old piano into a new desk. Into a new breeding ground of creativity. This piano-desk is a symbol of turning something old into something new. So often my job as a creative person in ministry is to help bring stories to life and to help people meet Jesus, getting rid of the old and becoming a new person. With this new desk I get to be reminded of this awesome opportunity that I have and use it as inspiration when working on projects each day!

Here are some pictures of the end result as well as a (staged) time-lapse video of the process from old piano to new creation.


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